What’s Included

  • Pre-consult to help with outfits, location, etc (password to a custom Pinterest board if needed)
  • 1 hour session for family or child/children - extended family is additional 
  • Professional portrait editing
  • Portrait Reveal Session
  • Session fee discount on future sessions
  • Help with holiday cards (I can design them for you and you’ll receive them with self-addressed and stamped envelopes but TOTALLY take the credit because you’re the reason the photos are so awesome!)
  • Lifetime Membership to the Laura Witt Photography Family
  • Portrait products, including digitals, are available with an additional fee & there is no minimum purchase. 

The process is simple. Pick a date and time. Send me ideas and I’ll create a Pinterest board if that helps you visualize your session. Email, call, snail mail, carrier pigeon me with ANY questions or concerns you have. Show up at the session and let me guide the posing (I’m really not bossy, I just know what I’m doing, I promise). Wait a bit for your edited photos. Grab a tissue (provided by me) to dab at some tears while checking out your beautiful portraits. And then pick out the BEST way for YOU to display what we created!